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The Dog-shaped Neck and Shoulder Warmer

The Dog-shaped Neck and Shoulder Warmer
The Dog-shaped Neck and Shoulder WarmerThe Dog-shaped Neck and Shoulder Warmer
Bit of an odd shape for a heat pack? That's what we thought at first; then we tried one. It actually makes good sense. It sits comfortably across your shoulders with the tummy warming your neck. The head adds a little extra where it's needed and the legs help to keep it all in place. All in all making it very sensible really. And the tail? Well you can't have a dog without a tail, can you.

100% Polyester with a grain (rape seed) filling.

Overall size 490 x 320mm (19 x 12½ in).

Pack contains one dog-shaped heat pack.

Meets CE (European Conformity Regulations) and carries the CE mark.

Made in the EEC

Confidence In Texties - Tested for harmful substances according to Oeko-Tex® Standard 100.
The Oeko-tex® label indicates the additional benefits of tested safety
for skin-friendly clothing and other textiles.

Suitable for age 3 years and over.

Item No.: WB-FSH-DAG
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