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The Original Cherry Stone Hand or Face

The Original Cherry Stone Hand or Face
We really like these. After a hard days work, its nice to take a couple of these, warm them up and just "play" with them in your hands - A bit like a stress-buster but with that lovely warm cherry aroma. It's a great way to relax. But that's only half the story, they can really do wonders with tension headaches and toothache - it's as if they were made for it!

The Original Cherry Stone Pillow - 100% natural. Since 1996 Inatura has been producing natural wellness products. As a pioneer and market leader in the field Inatura developed the first cherry stone pillow that can be heated in the microwave.

Traditionally used by the Swiss on cold Alpine nights, the Cherry Stone bag is the modern adaptation of a centuries old tradition. Having the ability to retain the heat well, they can be heated in the microwave or chilled in the freezer for a cold compress. Just a few minutes in the microwave and they stay warm for ages.

Completely natural: Filled with cherry stones that have been washed and dried in a natural manner. The 100% cotton material is specially woven for the cherry stone bags. The cherry stones themselves are a natural product of the cherry harvest left over once all the cherry jam and cherry liqueurs have been made!

Not surprisingly they have a wonderfully pleasant mild cherry aroma, but if you prefer you can sprinkle a few drops of aromatherapy oil on them and when you want a change, pop the whole thing in the washing machine.

Machine washable: There's no cover to remove, you just put the whole thing in the washing machine.

Packaged in an attractive box, they make a really great gift.

Fully microwaveable

Cotton fabric

Filled with cherry stones

Allergy advice - these products contain cherry stones and are manufactured in a facility that may handle lavender or other fragrances.

Previously sold at £8.99 for one - 1/1/13 - 13/12/14

Meets CE (European Conformity Regulations) and carries the CE mark.

Made in the EEC

Suitable for age 3 years and over.

Item No.: WB-CHR-PIT
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